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Feelings of tension and uncertainty swelling like the ocean.
The Race to Greatness
An epic percussive driven build. Drum-core style.
Innovation's Key (Part 3)
Rearrangement, Time adjusted faster. No Guitar solo.
Just Right
This track glides.
Sweat It
Driving break beat with a modern melody. All energy.
Find Your Voice
Electronic vocals build. Lots of space to edit. Gorgeous guitar lead in back half.
Kickin' It
Super fun and funky. Great, sharp background with some soul.
Quirky. Rockin. Wait for it!
Late Nights
Modern and slightly anxious. Fast rhythms are complimented by sweeping vocals
High Point
A robust number. Full band with horns. A little hero swagger at the high point.
Super Simple
Percussive swing with a southern groove.
Never Gonna Leave This Place
A weekend anthem. Fun and energizing with exciting grooves.
Summer Days
Light summer sunshine with a surprise element of fun that picks up the pace.
You Can Do It All
A percussion symphony that progresses and evolves.
Surging Heart
Ambient Swell. Cool guitar tones reflect around.
Join In (Part 2)
Wherever the Journey May Lead
Reflective and calm like a light breeze over water.
Great background build. Inspirational.
We Choose
Unique piece. Very modern background.
No limits
A very warm ambient flow. This culminates in a subtle emotional drive. Great underscore for a heart-warming story.
What's up DJ. Spin this up. -- Approachable breakbeat goodness. Texture for daaays.
Listen to the Land
Table Stomp
Great bubbly guitar line. Tight, snappy, strong. This is an energetic, uplifting score.
Table Stomp Overture
Tight, snappy, strong. This is an energetic, uplifting score.
A Better Kind
Modern folk. Moody and reflective.
Open Air
Bright and uplifting underscore.
New Heights
A passionate piano intro transforms into a driving, motivational, and uplifting progression.
Begin to Heal
High guitar lines soar over ringing percussive sounds and distant vocal lines bring the audience into a place of contemplation while a steady beat drives the piece onward.
Big Thoughts (Big Strings)
Big build. Strings.
Thought-provoking electronic music with a driving beat. A character in contemplation over extensive data, searching for answers.
Global Tranquility
Warm. Electronic vocals. Pulsing and forward moving.
Let Your Groove Go
Get down! - 70's / 80's inspired groove that will have heads bopping to the beat.
Free to Love
Epic. -- This piece is just warming up by the end, we would love to continue to build out this pop anthem.
Focused Energy
Ambient Electronica. Simple, Textural, motion, circling back to the core.
It's Unmistakable
Modern motown inspiration. - Upbeat. Horn section. Walking funk bassline. Vintage guitar.
I'd Rather
This is one of a kind. Let the airy melody and reverb trails sweep you away.
You Really Could
Light opening moves into a tough, city beat.
Feel the Groove
Old school. Super Fun. Break beat. Just a touch of gospel. Just dare us to add a choir!
The Speed of Thought
Heart pounding. A fresh take on the anthem. International vibe.
A Wild Life
Wild, jazzy, jungle future sounds.
Vision For Tomorrow
Electronic, Ambient, Cruising.
Big Thoughts (Piano Version)
A piano score with strong drive and emotion.
Just the Beginning
The First Time We Met
Life's Stages
Gonna Have a Good Time Now
You Are From The Wild
Looking for Life's Answers
Right To The Edge
The World's Alive
Relational becomes Emphatic... says "We're doing something awesome!"
The Horizon
Slow Build, Very Organic
Skip A Little
Open and groovy, heartfelt, certainly unique in the texture layers as it opens up
Above It All
A constantly morphing composition complete with DJ-esque style changes and groovy beats.
The Groove's Inside You
Percussive and melodic... could be cut up for the RIGHT arc!
Alt bass parts vs. version 1
Rustic Man
Super unique. Raw, rustic energy with a soft landing.
The intro and the ending connect the friendly and emotional tone. Mellow interlude. Big ending.
All fun. Not taking itself too seriously.
Mellow. More in the "Sweet" Category than "Happy" - But a Friendly & Relaxed Vibe with unique texture.
Look Further
Bits and pieces, warming up to an inspirational and smooth peak
Some Things Don't Change
Lots of character and circulating texture. Breathes with vintage guitar and piano.
Hard Work Is Noticed
Open Country
A Gritty, Smoldering build. Background Vocals. Acoustic Guitar.
:90 version, Dramatic, Piano-based, Sweeping Percussion
Keep Movin'
Just Jump
Great cue for uncertainty. Really unique and interesting textures.
Take A Trip
Fun & Upbeat with an emotional kind of SURGE to it.
Early Morning
Wake Up
Show build. Very big, energetic final chorus.
Evening Around-the-World
Warm and textural, a little bit mysterious
Hard Work, Having Fun
Amplified Cool
heavy rock groove, driving electric guitar and drums with emphasis on kick and crash cymbal
Creativity Unleashed
Very relational
Spain (Part 1)
Texture and more Texture, let it build
Spain (Part 2)
rich texture of a plethora of sounds, some instrumental, some ambient. Light percussion throughout with a blend of electronic beats, synth pads, and electric guitar. Shorter than Spain (part 1)
Spain (Part 3)
Ambient waves are interwoven with smooth electric guitar and piano to create rich tapestry of sound building to an inspirational driving energy as heavy percussion provides a steady beat.
Electric guitar, light percussion, and clapping give an upbeat pulse while light vocals sing overtop. The music builds as more percussion joins the groove
Life's Waves
A consistent chill groove is met with gradual ambient swells. Electric guitar, piano, and drums join in as the music slowly builds.
Slow, steady build, lots of texture.
The Edge
Huge anthem. Long, slow build with lots of twists along the way.
Perfectly Designed
ambient textures with an electronic dance beat accompanied by light vocals. This music gradually builds to an energetic pulse.
Summer Party v1
Wide Open v1
The Evolution
For the Road
Join In
Full of Possibility
Inspirational, driving. Several segments to choose from for shorter form work.
It's Got Heat
Wide open, grass roots feel.
Come On Let's Go
Driving. Road trip music. ... We'd love to customize the ending for your project.
Letting Loose
Raw. Vintage Rock and Roll.
Innovation's Key
The driving electric pulse feels like anything is possible with the right determination.
Pieces Form a Whole
Innovation's Key (Part 2)
The driving electric pulse feels like anything is possible with the right determination.
All fun. Percussive. Good comedy.
Way of Seeing
A little bit mysterious. This is a unique textural piece that builds momentum.
Drive Me Home
Three parts...Slow build breaks open into pop-rock anthem!
Just Gettin' Going
Lots of percussion and fun with latin undertones. Also a whole electronic build.
Emotionally driven strings leave space to process.
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