Feelings of tension and uncertainty swelling like the ocean.


An epic percussive driven build.  Drum-core style.

The Race to Greatness

Rearrangement, Time adjusted faster.  No Guitar solo.

Innovation's Key (Part 3)

This track glides.

Just Right

Driving break beat with a modern melody.  All energy.

Sweat It

Electronic vocals build.  Lots of space to edit.  Gorgeous guitar lead in back half.

Find Your Voice

Super fun and funky.  Great, sharp background with some soul.

Kickin' It

Quirky.  Rockin.  Wait for it!


Modern and slightly anxious. Fast rhythms are complimented by sweeping vocals

Late Nights

A robust number.  Full band with horns.  A little hero swagger at the high point.

High Point

Percussive swing with a southern groove.

Super Simple

A weekend anthem. Fun and energizing with exciting grooves.

Never Gonna Leave This Place

Light summer sunshine with a surprise element of fun that picks up the pace.

Summer Days

A percussion symphony that progresses and evolves.

You Can Do It All

Ambient Swell.  Cool guitar tones reflect around.

Surging Heart

Join In (Part 2)

Reflective and calm like a light breeze over water.

Wherever the Journey May Lead

Great background build.  Inspirational.


We Choose

Unique piece.  Very modern background.