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FreshMade Goes "Ambisonic"!

Mixing for VR is pretty interesting!  “Ambisonic” is the term.  And it differs from “Surround” sound in that with Surround Sound, the viewer stays facing forward and the sounds move around the viewer.  For VR Ambisonic, on the other hand, the viewer turns their head and the sounds stay fixed to things in picture.  SO… there’s a whole suite of new software and developing software to make this process work.  We used a product from AudioEase.  It allows you to ‘pin’ sounds to points on the 360 video and automate their movements if needed.

This is a great new tool for experience design!  Placing things in the 3D space allowed us to push the maximum energy into these sequences and help bring them to life!

We thoroughly enjoyed creating the sounds for this piece. you can see!


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